Korean Art Society President Robert Turley is recipient of the Global Korea Award, awarded by the Council on Korean Studies at Michigan State University. Please click here to see the Korea Daily newspaper article.

Robert Turley has curated the first exhibition of the renowned Lea Sneider collection of Korean art, at the Korea Society. Please click this button to open the exhibition catalogue:

Robert Turley has curated the first-ever exhibition of Korean contemporary ceramics in New York, at the Korea Society.

If you would like to have your Korean art news listed here, please contact robert@koreanartsociety.org​


The Korean Art Society has opened, in Times Square, the world's largest lending-library of books on Korean art. The library has thousands of books, including hundreds of rare books that are nearly impossible to find.

All events are canceled due to the pandemic. We look forward to resuming our events soon. Thank you for your support.

Korean Art Society President Robert Turley in Korean Broadcasting System Documentary

News about the Korean Art Society 

The President of the Korean Art Society, Robert Turley wrote the Korean art chapters for McGraw-Hill's new fine art textbooks. This is the first time that the biggest English-language publisher in the world will include chapters on Korean art in their textbooks. This will be required reading for thousands of students across the country, so this is an important contribution to the promotion of Korean art in America.